Senior Management

Todd Holson - President

Todd Holson

Todd Holson founded SureSource in 1989. Recognizing a need for turnkey direct-to-consumer retail solutions for consumer brands, he developed the original SureSource business through offering consumers toll free phone access to key brands and accessories. The emergence of the Internet provided a natural enhancement to SureSource's programs, and today SureSource has grown into one of the nation’s leading specialized web retailers. A graduate of Bryant College in Rhode Island, Mr. Holson earned a B.S. degree in business administration.

Robert Perkins - Vice President, Business Development

Robert Perkins

Robert Perkins brings more than 20 years of consumer marketing experience to SureSource. He has held senior marketing positions over national brands including Pendaflex, Woolite, and Polident. Mr. Perkins is responsible for forming mutually beneficial relationships with SureSource's partners and matching SureSource’s capabilities to partner needs. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia and holds an M.B.A. in Marketing from New York University's Stern School of Business.

Cathy Nelson - Vice President, Retail Operations

Cathy Nelson

Cathy Nelson has been with SureSource for more than ten years and is responsible for ensuring that partners derive maximum value from their SureSource relationship. Having grown professionally in tandem with the company as a whole, Ms. Nelson has hands-on experience in all SureSource operations and excels at bringing our resources to bear against specific partner goals. A graduate of Central Connecticut State University, Ms. Nelson holds a B.S. degree in business management.

Mike Mullen - Director of Ecommerce

Mike Mullen

Mike Mullen joined SureSource in 2002 and leads the company’s ever growing ecommerce unit. He is directly responsible for the oversight of webstore development, Internet marketing, and IT infrastructure. Mr. Mullen has leveraged his hands-on ecommerce experience, web industry best practices and the diverse talents of SureSource’s web professionals into a cutting edge internet shopping experience for consumers and business partners alike.

Peter S. Kopcha - Chief Financial Officer

Peter S. Kopcha

Peter Kopcha has more than 25 years of experience in the accounting profession. He has held senior financial management positions in the .com world, along with regional and national retail establishments, including Omni Fitness Equipment. Drawing from his diverse background, Mr. Kopcha oversees the day to day financial and accounting operations in the fast-paced SureSource environment. Mr. Kopcha holds a B.S. degree in accounting from the University of Connecticut, and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Fast Facts

SureSource has built a world-class corporation of the highest caliber. We have maintained our personable, friendly, and caring approach to doing business.