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Our innovative, profitable marketing programs generate new sources of revenue.

Acquisition Marketing

We take advantage of the latest marketing techniques, including display-ad retargeting and triggered email alerts to target potential customers in the most relevant ways. And with free and continuous access to data, which you retain ownership of, you can gain valuable insights into your consumers’ shopping behavior.


Search Engine Marketing: We conduct SEO and paid search marketing, both of which heighten visibility, in turn driving new prospects to your webstore.

Affiliate Marketing: We create mutually beneficial relationships with content-focused websites, and leverage existing web traffic to these sites to increase your store sales.

Marketplaces: We’ll make your products available for sale at popular web marketplaces (e.g., eBay, Amazon.com). This program adds incremental sales due to the many online shoppers who habitually start and complete their shopping at these large, well-known marketplaces.

Display and Content Advertising: In addition to buying advertising space on many websites in order to increase the sales for your store, we also offer retargeting. This cutting edge technique is used to target visitors who have left your store without making a purchase. Retargeting is effective at keeping your brand “top of mind” for these prospects as they surf the web and consider their purchase.

Retention Marketing

Repeat purchases from loyal customers are the best way to ensure a healthy business. That’s why we offer multiple retention marketing programs, to make certain the right products are presented to interested existing customers.


Direct Mail Campaigns: Tapping into the strengths of both the marketing and merchandising teams, SureSource will work with you to build an engaging, full-color product catalog or other direct-mail campaign.

Email: SureSource can work with you to set up email campaigns. We are even equipped to send emails triggered by a specific consumer action.

Consumer Surveys: We will build and distribute customer surveys to help you get to the heart of your consumers’ wants and needs.

Package Inserts: We can provide fully customized package inserts to reinforce your message.

All of these programs are focused specifically on your brand. There is no cross pollination in your webstore and no cross-brand selling. Our efforts are devoted strictly to selling your product, for your brand, to your consumers.